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Bmw E28 M5 (1985-1987)

Bmw E28 M5 (1985-1987)
15th December 2018 Someday Classics

Bmw E28 M5 (1985-1987)

By the late 1970’s, Bmw started adding bigger engines to their saloon cars as they had seen how popular their stable mates Alpina versions had become. They also had the beautiful but ill-fated Bmw M1 in 1979, while only available in LHD-only, the 277hp M1 went on to become an instant collector’s piece.

The E28 M5 is all business like and packaged with the luxury and refinement from the comfortable 5-series, it made the quintessential Q car, nothing to showy on the outside but came packing a heavyweight punch under its bonnet.

At first glance, the E28 M5 looks reserved and hides its credentials well, it looks were similar to all the other E28’s out there and never divulges its character or ambitions. The M5 did come with BBS cross spoke alloy wheels which were used on the E30 M3 when it arrived; a small M5 was stuck on the front grille and another one on the boot.

There was very little to differentiate it from the new Bmw M535i model which featured the same body kit as the M5, the big difference came from the engine department. For under the M5’s bonnet, came the sports car engine from the M1 car, now offering 286hp, up from 277hp in the Bmw M1. Breathing through 6 throttle bodies, gives it enough poke to push the M5 from 0-60mph in around 6.0 sec and onto 150mph top speed.

As with the exterior styling, mw kept the interior low-key and business like, it came with the companies own sports front seats, air-conditioning.

The M5 features a Getrag 5-speed gearbox in the normal pattern and itcan be hustled through the corners; the lowered suspension and stiffer damping take care of the bumpy stuff while the steering wheel offers the driver plenty of feedback.

Placing the M5 is easy, it tracks the line you place it on and the M5 is outstanding on the road and surprisingly quick. On the open road, it instantly shows its pedigree, it’s the perfect sports saloon car, perfectible capable of reeling in the miles as it could run at 140mph all day long. Yet, when you reach that far-flung destination, the M5 immediately adapts and become the perfect town car in an instant.

So the M5 became the ultimate Q car of the 1980’s and the M5 badge is still a leading force today. Putting the M5 badge on the 5-series proved to be a master stroke for Bmw and one that is still churning plenty of cash for the boffins in Munich.