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Ferrari 330 GTC (1966-1968)

Ferrari 330 GTC (1966-1968)
10th November 2018 Someday Classics
Ferrari 330 GTC (1966-1968)
At the Geneva Car Show of 1966 Ferrari unveiled the 330 GTC as an other addition to the Ferrari line-up.
Few could have believed the impact it would make and in time became one of the best Ferrari cars ever.
Like many of the Ferrari models of that era, it too had been designed at the legendary Pininfarina house. The 330 GTC was a design combination between the Ferrari 275 GTS with the front-end treatment of the Ferrari 500 Superfast.
It’s cabin came with very slim pillars, which gave it an airy feel and a feeling of lightness plus the added benefit of excellent visibility. The design was specific to this model, and was carried over to the later 365 GTC.
The first Ferrari 330 GT2+2 took over from the 250GTE in 1964. While similar in style, the 330 had a bigger engine capacity for vastly improved performance. The first 330GT 2+2s came with the ugly quad-headlamp setup but the Series II cars reverted back to the traditional style.
Two years later, Ferrari put the larger 4.0lt engine into the new coupe and cabriolet models. The 330GTC coupe had the better sales although its styling once again failed to impress. Like the 2+2, the GTC was a fast car, with 300bhp offering up genuine 150mph capability. It came with a five-speed rear transaxle that improved weight distribution and excellent balanced handling.
The open-topped Ferrari 330GTS was the most interesting and most valuable today. Because of its styling, the GTS comes across as more stylish than the other two cars – despite being based on the GTC.
As usual, collectors pay more for the coupe and that difference is due to the GTS been much better looking than the GTC.