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Volkswagen Corrado G60 (1988-1991)

Volkswagen Corrado G60 (1988-1991)
10th November 2018 Someday Classics
Volkswagen Corrado G60 (1988-1991)
The Corrado is a jewel in the crown of VW’s recent history, and a car that is as much fun to drive today as it was back in the day.
Initially the Corrado appeared with a choice of two 1.8lt engines, the 1.8lt 16v Golf GTi 136hp unit, and a supercharged G60 model offering 160hp. The dash from 0-60 came 7.8sec in the supercharged G60 compared with 9.1sec for the regular 1.8m.
Top speed was increased to 140mph as the supercharger added more grunt and speed to the package.
With the Corrado, Volkswagen had decided to expand on and create an evolution of the Golf, taking it more upmarket into the cash rich coupe market.
It feels more like a grand-tourer and it was packed with innovative creature comforts for its time, like automatic climate control, an adjustable steering wheel, cruise control, and power windows and locks.
The supercharged G60 engine pushed out 160hp but was unreliable. If it weren’t for Volkswagen troubles with the supercharger unit, we may never have had a 6-cylinder Corrado VR6 replace it to add the extra grunt needed in the coupe.
The G60 is super rare, but even though its unreliable, it does have a bright spot, it came with the option of ‘Nugget Yellow’ paint, an exclusive G60 colour, and my favourite colour on these coupes.
Just like the Porsche, the Corrado came with a 2+2 seating arrangement and was built on the same platform as the Golf.